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2013 In Review

So, this year I added a substantial amount of pixels to my display (around 2,500 or so).  Needless to say, they offered a great deal of "opportunity" for a learning curve.  All in all, I'm thrilled with them, but receiving them from China about a week after Halloween made for alot of late nights putting everything together.  I drilled over 1,100 holes into PVC making my pixel arches and pixel mega tree and getting the display ready.  Then had to deal with the software issue of trying to get Vixen 3 software work with my DLA Conductor.  After having sequenced the entire show with over 10,000 channels I never could get the software and hardware to work together, so I settled on reducing the count to around 4,500 which allowed my software/hardware problem to be tackled.  Two weeks to Christmas and the show went live.  The pixel mega tree went live about a week later mainly thanks to my father and his wife Helen's help in putting up the tree.  Needless to say, my "one man design" ended up not being so one man.  Gotta figure out another option for next year!

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